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Event Permit Policy

APRIL 11, 2022

The City of Bangor recognizes and values the importance of special events, whether public or
private. When public, they can enhance the quality of life by offering cultural, recreational, or
educational opportunities, as well as providing economic benefit to the community. These
events are typically organized by dedicated volunteers or community groups, and may be
sponsored by organizations or individuals. Private events can encourage a broad and varied use
of public facilities and promote those facilities.
The City of Bangor Event Permit Policy regulates the use of City property, streets or sidewalks
that have potential to interfere with normal patterns of use. This policy excludes Bass Park,
Union Street Recreation Complex, and Bangor Municipal Golf Course, as these facilities require
a separate rental agreement. This policy is designed to ensure effective coordination of events
throughout the year.
2.1 Event: An organized activity that has a pre-determined start and end.
2.2 Non-Profit/Community Open Event: Include, but are not limited, to festivals,
performances, competitions, or other organized public events where City property will
be used. These events do not benefit an individual or a “for profit organization.”
However, these events may be sponsored by a “for profit” entity and proceeds must be
used for a non-profit/charitable purpose. A non-profit organizer may be required to
provide confirmation of that group’s non-profit status.
2.3 For Profit Open Event: An event held for the purpose of profiting a business or
individual or for promoting a product or service associated with a for-profit entity.
These events require a specific use agreement.
2.4 City Open Event: An event sponsored solely by, or in partnership with, the City or
specific City Department.
2.5 Private Events: Events where attendance is limited to specific invitees or identifiable
groups such as family members, employees of an organization, or members of a club.
They include, but are not limited to, wedding ceremonies, family gatherings, company
picnics, or other events that are not intended for the public. For these events, a
specific use agreement may be required by the City.
2.6 Waterfront: For purposes of this policy, the waterfront shall include all land owned
and controlled by the City as follows: along the Penobscot River from its confluence
with the Kenduskeag Stream to Dutton Street; adjacent to Railroad Street; and
bounded by Railroad and Main Street. Area also includes a parcel west of the railroad
tracks which is bounded by Railroad Street and Main Street.
2.7 Park Amenity: Those amenities located within City Parks available for scheduled
exclusive use such as the gazebo at Cascade Park. Other such amenities may be
designated for such use by the Director of Parks and Recreation based on the level of
2.8 Public Assembly: Any meeting, picket line, rally or gathering of more than 25 persons
for a common purpose which interferes with the normal flow or regulation of
pedestrian or vehicular traffic, including emergency vehicles.
2.9 Spontaneous Public Assembly: An assembly as defined in 2.8 and organized as a result
of news or events coming into the public knowledge within two days of the public
2.10 Parade: An event that is a march, demonstration, or motorcade of persons, animals,
and/or vehicles upon or within the public streets, sidewalks, which interferes with the
normal flow or regulation of vehicle or pedestrian traffic, including emergency vehicles.
The City will determine an acceptable parade route, included in this policy.
2.11Organizer: Any individual or organization applying for permitting under the provisions
of this policy; interchangeable with the term applicant.
3.1 An event permit is required for any event which will make use of any City property,
streets or sidewalks and which has potential to interfere with normal patterns of use.
In considering whether a permit shall be granted, the Director of Parks and Recreation
and Police Chief or designee shall take into consideration the following:
3.1.1 Whether the event is appropriate for the requested area or facility.
3.1.2 The health, welfare, and safety of event participants and the general public.
3.1.3 The impact of the event on City staffing and the ability of such staff to
continue to provide normal daily services.
3.1.4 If the requested event conflicts or is incompatible with other events already
permitted for that location.
3.1.5 The potential limitations the event will place on public use of the area.
3.1.6 For parades- the number of floats, displays, and participants.
3.1.7 An approved safety and emergency plan reviewed and approved by the City
of Bangor Police and Fire Departments may be required depending upon
factors such as event type, size and location.
3.2 Event permits are not required for:
3.2.1 Events sponsored by the Department of Parks and Recreation and other
departments including such activities, but not limited to, scheduled athletic
events, tournaments, and summer camp activity days.
3.2.2 Funeral processions organized by a licensed mortuary.
3.2.3 An event in a City park of less than 30 individuals such as a family gathering,
graduation or wedding photo session, or remembrance.
4.1 An approved safety and emergency response plan reviewed and approved by the City of
Bangor Police Chief and City of Bangor Fire Chief or their designee(s).
4.2 A designated parade organizer with appropriate contact information so that the
organizer can be reached before and on the day of the parade.
4.3 Fuel shall not be carried or stored on any float and portable generators must be
properly secured.
4.3.1 Refueling of generators during the parade is prohibited.
4.4 Floats should be constructed to adequately and safely support the number of
participants and equipment on the float.
4.5 Reviewing stands and/or stages shall be assembled and/or constructed in a manner
appropriate for the number of persons using the structure.
4.6 The owner of any moving vehicle(s) that participates in a parade shall ensure that each
vehicle, and/or other motorized unit, is mechanically sound and the operator is a
sufficiently trained operator.
4.7 The applicant must ensure that each operator of a motorized vehicle possess a valid
motor vehicle operator license and is at least 18 years of age.
4.7.1 Commercial vehicles shall have operators that are currently licensed for the
operation of that vehicle under State of Maine law.
4.8 No operator of any motor vehicle, whether registered or otherwise part of a float or
display, shall be under the influence of alcohol or drugs pursuant to current state and
local statutes.
4.9 Parade organizers shall verify that any registered motor vehicle and/or cycle shall have
proof of active motor vehicle insurance, as required under State of Maine law.
4.10 Each float and/or other moving vehicle shall have at a minimum one spotter on each
side of the display wearing either a safety vest or clothing that clearly identifies them to
ensure spectator and participant safety.
4.11 Throwing any objects from a moving float and/or display is prohibited for safety
4.11.1 Individuals may walk and distribute items as long as they are easily identified
and maintain a safe distance from any moving vehicle.
4.11.2 A spotter may NOT distribute items along the parade route.
4.12 Children under the age of 14 are not permitted to ride any float without adult
4.12.1 Any float with children, as described above, is required to have an adult, age
18 or older, per six children.
4.12.2 It is recommended that walking groups maintain a ratio of one adult per ten
4.13 Floats are required to have proper restraining devices and a barrier on all edges to
prevent participants from falling.
4.13.1 It is recommended that the railing be at a height of at least 42”.
4.14 Floats and/or displays that include animals shall have handlers that are sufficiently
trained for the care and supervision of the animals under their control and shall be
responsible for any waste removal.
5.1 Complete applications must be received by the Parks and Recreation Department 30
calendar days prior to the first day of the event. Applications must be accompanied by a
$25 non-refundable fee payable to the City of Bangor. This deadline and fee may be
waived at the discretion of the Director of Parks and Recreation if the nature of the
event allows for a more rapid review such as a Spontaneous Public Assembly as defined
in 2.9.
5.1.1 The organizers of a Spontaneous Public Assembly shall give notice to the
City’s Parks and Recreation Director or designee at least four hours prior to
the event. Permit information such as an event contact, date and time of the
event and providing an estimate of the approximate number of persons
anticipated to participate is required upon notice.
5.2 When applicable and available, event promotional material and sponsor information
should be submitted with the application.
5.3 The permit application must be complete, including any supporting documentation
requested. Incomplete applications will be returned and not considered until they are
5.4 Upon receipt of an event application, the Department of Parks and Recreation will
notify other City Departments, as appropriate, and for additional review and comment
prior to approval. If necessary, the Parks and Recreation Department may request that
the applicant provide additional information required to adequately review the request.
5.5 The applicant will be notified no later than 10 business days after receipt of the
application regarding the status of the request, any conditions that may be required,
and an estimate of the amount of reimbursement that will be necessary for the City to
provide staff and services to support the event, if any. These deadlines may be waived
at the discretion of the Director of Parks and Recreation if the nature of the event
allows for a more rapid review such as a Spontaneous Public Assembly as defined in 2.9.
5.6 When more than one application is received, permits shall be processed in the order in
which they are received.
6.1 Waterfront events will be permitted in a manner that still allows public pedestrian
access to walkways and sidewalks. Proposed areas designated for event use only shall
be clearly defined as part of the application and are subject to approval by the City.
6.2 Proof of comprehensive general liability insurance must be provided at the request of
the City. When insurance is required, a valid certificate of insurance must be provided
naming the City of Bangor as additionally insured and must be received before the City
will issue an approved permit. The insurance policy should be specific to the proposed
event and/or cover all activities of the sponsoring organization. The insurance coverage
must be, at a minimum, $1,000,000 per occurrence. A higher amount may be required.
6.3 Alcoholic Beverages are permitted as allowed by City Code and/or State law. When
serving or selling alcoholic beverages is requested, a separate off premise liquor license
is required. The review of that request is subject to all current and applicable City
ordinances and State law.
6.4 Beverages must be served in plastic or paper containers.
6.5 Open event organizers must provide sufficient number of portable restroom facilities
based on expected attendance as determined by the City.
6.6 Events shall comply with current noise ordinances or policies. Events that include live
music, recorded music, public address systems, etc., shall be limited to decibel levels
and times allowed under City code or policies.
6.7 Permit holders shall be solely responsible for ensuring that any vendors associated with
the event have the necessary permits and licenses required by City ordinance and State
6.8 Any disturbance of ground surface must be approved by the Director of Parks and
Recreation or designee. This may include, but is not limited to, a requirement of
weighted supports for tents. Permit holder shall be responsible for any damage to inground utilities.
6.9 Applicants are strongly discouraged from promoting any proposed event until the
permit is approved.
6.10 The permit holder is responsible for clean up during and at the end of the event
including removal of all event and equipment and trash to its pre-event condition within
48 hours after completion of the event. The City reserves the right to assess a pre-event
cleaning deposit and/or post-event clean up charges.
6.11 The City acknowledges parades that have historically occurred on or near recognized
holidays each year by long-standing community service organizations, as outlined in this
section. These parades are required to adhere to the following date patterns and shall
not be unreasonably denied a permit.
6.11.1 Memorial Day Parade-Recognized Memorial Day holiday (Bangor High School
6.11.2 Independence Day Parade-July 4th (Kiwanis/4th of July Committee)
6.11.3 Veterans Day Parades-On Veterans Day (Bangor High School JROTIC)
6.11.4 Holiday Day Parade-The first Saturday of December (Bangor Rotary Club)
6.12 For parades not listed in 6.11, applicants must submit, with the permit application,
verification that businesses along the preferred parade route were notified of their
intent to hold a parade, including a list of businesses notified. Additional information
may be requested at the discretion of the Parks and Recreation Director.
7.1 Events lasting longer than two consecutive days may be considered but shall be subject
to approval of the Government Operations Committee of the City Council.
7.2 City parks will remain open and available for public use during events unless closed to
the public by the Parks and Recreation Director or designee.
7.3 The City will work with organizers to determine appropriate timing for events and
parades based on impact to City services and area businesses. Should both parties fail to
reach an agreed-upon start and/or end time, the City reserves the right to deny the
7.4 The City of Bangor Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for the
administration of this policy and for its periodic review.
8.1 Event organizers who are denied a permit application may appeal their denial to the
City Manager or designee. The appeal must be submitted within 14 calendar days of
the date of denial.
8.2 Further appeals shall be requested of the Government Operations Committee of the
City Council. This request shall be submitted through the Chair of the City Council.