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Bangor Rocks- Maine Academy of Modern Music

“I love school music programs…I adore them and grew up in them. However, not every kid fits that mold, and what we offer here is no mold. I don’t care if you come in playing trumpet, I don’t care if you come in playing guitar, if you play hammered dulcimer, I’ll find a spot for you.” - Jason Stewart (Bangor Instructor)


Maine Academy of Modern Music (MAMM) 
Quickly gaining name recognition and a growing program within the Greater Bangor region and beyond. With a revitalized waterfront and growing commerce, Bangor is a perfect place for MAMM to expand their offerings through lessons, camps, and events. The Maine Academy of Modern Music uses the power of music to inspire students, foster creative collaboration, and build community.

This fall, MAMM will be hosting its Saturday Bangor Rocks program
 Weekly rehearsals are led by MAMM instructor Jason Stewart and are focused on learning music chosen by the band, whether covers or originals. Students take the individual skills and techniques learned in private lessons to the next level!

WHEN: Saturdays (75 Minute band rehearsals) 
WHERE: PAL Center on Watchmaker Street (next to the Bangor Dog Park)

FEE:  $90 per month and this year new students get their first month free!